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Are you looking for a religious home where everyone is welcome; where emphasis is put on personal responsibility rather than on sin and guilt, where your joys and concerns are shared and where your friendships are deepened? Come grow with us in the liberal religious tradition that respects ideas, values, diversity, and encourages the exploration of spirituality and life’s meaning.


We are the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Nashua, NH. We seek to provide an accepting community and spiritual haven in a changing world. Our mission is to engage people in a search for truth and meaning within a supportive liberal religious community that encourages personal/spiritual growth, embraces diversity, and promotes social justice.

Sunday Services

At 10:00 am  – come join us! Our worship theme for October is Healing – What does it mean to be a community of healing?

Faith Formation Classes for children and youth up to 9th grade take place during the service. Baby and toddler childcare is available beginning at 9:45 am in our nursery school area.

Children and Youth Faith Formation

BRAND NEW!!  On-line Registration for Children and Youth Faith Formation classes is now OPEN! Click here to register.  All programs for children and youth begin on September 18th!

From the Audio/Visual (A/V) Team

Improved Slide Display Coming in September

The AV team has been working over the past year on plans to upgrade the quality of slide projection during the service.  Slide display started as an experiment around three years ago, and now many people have told us how much they value it.

In the next two weeks or so, we will replace the video projector with a video screen mounted on the wall where we have been projecting the slides.  The screen will provide much better sharpness and brightness, particularly noticeable on days when the sanctuary is flooded with sunlight from outside. It will also allow us to include pictures and video in our services much more easily.

Removing the projector will allow the removal of the projector stand (actually, a file cabinet covered with a sheet) which has long been an obstruction on the right side of the chancel.  The clutter of cords on the floor will also disappear, thus making the right side of the chancel as usable as it used to be.  Last but not least, the workload on the AV team will be reduced as the projector will not need to be set up for the service each week and then taken down and stored.

We will use this new screen in worship for several months, on a trial basis. With the new screen in place, we will also consider what, if any, further steps may be needed to make it blend more harmoniously with the ambience of the sanctuary. We welcome your feedback, particularly after you have experienced it for a few months.

Dan Murphy

Chair, AV Team


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