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Are you looking for a religious home where everyone is welcome; where emphasis is put on personal responsibility rather than on sin and guilt, where your joys and concerns are shared and where your friendships are deepened? Come grow with us in the liberal religious tradition that respects ideas, values, diversity, and encourages the exploration of spirituality and life’s meaning.

Our Mission

We are the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Nashua, NH. We seek to provide an accepting community and spiritual haven in a changing world. Our mission is to engage people in a search for truth and meaning within a supportive liberal religious community that encourages personal/spiritual growth, embraces diversity, and promotes social justice.

Sunday services are at 10:00am – come join us!

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    Here is snapshot of what’s coming up this week.  Be sure to check the full calendar so you don’t miss out!

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    uuhikerslogo400If you are looking to get outside, get some exercise and join in a group activity, then check out the UU Hikers page.  Events and their details are listed as they draw near.  If you have questions or comments on an event or a hiking idea, contact the UU Hikers.  There is a hike for everyone!


    UUCN in the news!

    Once again the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Nashua is in the news. UU World has written an article on our Outreach Collections posted on May 25, 2015. Read the article here.

Announcing our new Interim DLRE!

The Interim Director of Lifespan Religious Education Search Committee is proud and extremely excited to announce the hiring of Sandra Greenfield to be our new Interim Director.  Sandra will be returning to New Hampshire after living in Delaware (her childhood home) for six years. Sandra is a doctoral candidate at Widener University in human Sandar_Greenfieldsexuality and hopes to get her degree in May of 2016! Sandra served congregations in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania for over 15 years including 3 years as the interim religious educator for the Main Line Unitarian Church. Sandra’s recent denominational work includes serving the Joseph Priestley District as Director of the Adjunct Staff as well as a being a trainer of trainers for the Our Whole Lives program. She also works for Planned Parenthood of Delaware as an educator/trainer as well as a facilitator for a victims’ impact program for incarcerated adults. In addition to her professional life, Sandra is the parent of two young adults who were raised in the Manchester, NH, congregation. She currently parents two four-legged children. She is very excited about returning to New Hampshire and especially working with UUCN, which she says was one of her favorite congregations when she lived here.
Aside from the list of qualifications, Sandra comes highly recommended. Her references spoke with great appreciation of her gifts. Sandra’s infectious warmth, her unadulterated professionalism, and her wealth of experience will undoubtedly dovetail beautifully with our congregation’s newest chapter. The search committee is bubbling with excitement and can not wait to introduce her to you!


Sandra will be joining the UU Nashua team in mid-August.  The search committee hopes to have a welcome picnic lunch to introduce her to the congregation, so stay tuned for that invitation.
The search committee would like to thank Kate O’Shea, John Burkett, Janet Newman, and Dave Hudson. Your help closing the process was absolutely invaluable.
Thank you,
Jamie Hinkle, Janet Newman, Lance Pratt, Monica Staples, and Kim Steele


Summer Service line-up is here

The church year runs from the Sunday after Labor Day through the second Sunday in June. We do have Sunday Services every Sunday (weather permitting) through out the year. During the Summer, our Minister takes time off from the pulpit to allow members and friends of the Congregation an opportunity to present a sermon on a topic of their choosing. The person presenting the sermon during a Summer Service is referred to as a Lay Leader and we affectionately refer to these services as “Summer Services”. Our Worship Associates; a group of people who assist the Minister with Sunday Services throughout the year, are also here on Sundays to assist the Lay Leader with the worship service.

This year our Summer Services will be every Sunday from June 21 through September 6. The schedule of the Summer Services is listed in the left sidebar noting the Lay Leader and their sermon topic. We hope you will join us either in person on Sunday mornings on via the internet by listening to our live stream of the service which begins at 10:00 a.m. in our Sanctuary.

“I accept one hundred percent…”

Candidating week culminated with a roar of jubilation after Harry announced that the congregation had voted unanimously (168 yea, 0 nay) to call the Reverend Allison Palm to be our next settled minister.

Allison, Tristan, Jed, and Gary were across the street at Nancy’s Diner, awaiting the outcome. Immediately followingAllisonPalm_acceptance the service, Jed had escorted Allison and Tristan to the diner. Gary joined them as soon as he voted, finding the three at the counter talking with the waitresses and Lenny, the owner. The restaurant staff quickly became engaged in the process, as we all followed the stream of “live texts” that Jed was receiving from the sanctuary.

After Harry announced the result and the shouting subsided, the Search Committee members in the sanctuary huddled around a cell phone and called Gary to report the vote. When Allison heard the tally, her eyes widened in surprise, and she smiled. Unanimous votes aren’t the norm.

Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, the group left the diner and walked back to the church, finding the congregation assembled on the steps and lawn to welcome Allison and Tristan. Appropriately, everyone was singing “there’s more love right here,” echoing the hymn she had woven into her first sermon. Once back inside, Allison stood in the pulpit and accepted our call, signed the ministerial agreement with Harry, and cut a beautifully designed cake to celebrate the milestone.

Allison will officially begin her ministry in Nashua on August 1. No doubt she started anticipating and preparing for the new role during candidating week.

Article provided by Gary Lerude