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Are you looking for a religious home where everyone is welcome; where emphasis is put on personal responsibility rather than on sin and guilt, where your joys and concerns are shared and where your friendships are deepened? Come grow with us in the liberal religious tradition that respects ideas, values, diversity, and encourages the exploration of spirituality and life’s meaning.

Our Mission

We are the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Nashua, NH. We seek to provide an accepting community and spiritual haven in a changing world. Our mission is to engage people in a search for truth and meaning within a supportive liberal religious community that encourages personal/spiritual growth, embraces diversity, and promotes social justice.

Sunday services are at 10:00am – come join us!

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UUCN Current News

No Child Deserves a Trash Bag

twr-n-bearFor the last couple of months, UUCN has been working toward a project that will culminate on Sunday, October 25.  The project is called Sweet Cases.  Sweet Cases are duffel bags for children entering foster care so they will have respectful way to transport their personal items as they transition to a new environment.  Traditionally these children would be given trash bags to transport their personal items.  UUCN and Together We Rise, the creator of this program, feel that a duffel bag is more appropriate than a trash bag for the children to use.

Through the generous donations of our congregation, we will be able to donate 100 Sweet Cases to the Division ofNoChildTrashbag Children, Youth and Families to distribute to foster children.  To make the Sweet Cases even more special, on Sunday, October 25 members of the church will be able to decorate the outside of the Sweet Cases and/or write a note.

During the church service, this will be an AREA (alternative religious education activity) project for our children and after the church service the adults are welcome join in and use their creative talents.  Stencils will be provided for those who are insecure about their artistic ability.  Note cards will be available for thoughts of encouragement and well wishes.  Sample wording will be available for anyone with writer’s block.

Please join us on Sunday, October 25 to help us finish this project in the best possible UUCN way.

Select the button link below to go to SignUpGenius to volunteer for this incredible event.

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New Sign Installed at UUCN

The sign project began on October 23, 2012 with an email from our then Interim Minister, Olivia Holmes. OliviaSAM_0137 expressed concerns about the wording of the sign and its visibility. Olivia emailed both the Property and PR Committees, but it was decided that this was a Public Relations responsibility. The original sign was done by Marshall Signs, so a meeting was arranged with Carl Marshall. He met with Sherri Woolsey, Olivia Holmes and Bill Kennedy. Designs were submitted and the one you see today is the final choice.

The project was an expensive one and the Public Relations (PR) Committee had a limited budget. Fortunately, they learned that the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Nashua had a special sign fund called the Slanetz Fund and they were able to tap into that for the entire cost of the project ($5,285)  After the design was chosen and the funds allocated, they next had to go through Nashua city bureaucracy. Approvals were needed from the Historic District Commission, the Planning Department, and the ZBA (Zoning Board of Adjustment). Bill met with all of them to get the needed approvals, including the required variance.

SAM_0131Our contractor moved slowly, for various reasons, including a very harsh winter and needing a custom made third granite pillar, however, the project is now 99% complete. The final step will be to run power from the church to the sign so we can have our new sign lit up at night with LED lighting.

Thanks to Bill and those involved for their efforts on this great project!

Detail provided by Bill Kennedy


Cemetery Tour

As was expressed through a wonderful original poem in the July 9, 1835

Nashua Gazette following the Nashua Cemetery consecration of June 30, 1835:

“Twas on a rise of ground, enclosed with wood,
Afar from noise the holy temple stood,
The forest grove its shade and shelter threw,
Around the church and kept from careless view,
The sacred house on which man ne’er should gaze,
Without a hint of awe and love and praise.”


The 1835 Nashua Cemetery Tour and Church History Video Event

We are pleased to announce that all three times for the Nashua Cemetery Tour are fully booked!  However, we are establishing a waiting list in case there are any last minute cancellations.  If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please send an email to nashuacemeterytour@gmail.com with:

  • First and last name of each person taking the tour,
  • All tour times (see below) for which you are available, and
  • Phone number to reach you at if a last minute opening becomes available.

Join Urban Heritage Guide Alan S. Manoian for a fascinating, enlightening and memorable walking tour of our Nashua Cemetery. Immediately following the tour, enjoy a video premiere featuring our own Bob Sampson sharing interesting stories about the Church’s history and Nashua Cemetery, along with refreshments.

The date is Saturday, October 10, 2015 (rain date Sunday, October 11)—Columbus Day weekend—with tours at 12PM, 2PM and 4PM. Admission is $5 per person with half of the proceeds going to the Nashua Cemetery Association. The walking tour is appropriate for persons ages 12 and up who are able to stand for 1½ hours and to navigate steps, slopes and uneven ground.

The Nashua Cemetery, in Nashua, NH, was designed and founded in 1835. As was reported on July 9, 1835 in the Boston Observer, “The (Unitarian) church at Nashua has recently been much improved in its appearance by an ornamental terrace and neat walks. We are much pleased to observe that the grounds in the rear of it had been laid out for a cemetery on the plan of that of Mount Auburn (Watertown and Cambridge, MA).”

Mount Auburn Cemetery was founded in 1831 and marks the beginning of America’s progressive “Rural Cemetery” movement integrating landscape architecture and world-class artful sculptural design embodied in the gravesite monuments of the most prominent and influential families of the city. Founded just 4 years after Mount Auburn Cemetery and predating the 1841 founding of the famed Lowell Cemetery, also modeled after Mount Auburn, Nashua Cemetery may very well be the second great “ornamental cemetery” in New England and America, making it a noteworthy Nashua and American Heritage treasure of landscape architecture and sculptural display.

In addition, the Nashua Cemetery was magnificently designed in harmony with the “Greek Revival” architectural gem that fronts it—the original 1827 Nashua Unitarian Church building, designed by one of the “Fathers of American Architecture,” Asher Benjamin of Boston.

Walk the private grounds of the 1835 Nashua Cemetery, and you will discover the resting place of the founding families and most prominent and influential individuals of the early 19th century planned and highly advanced manufacturing community that was Nashua, New Hampshire. The “Father of Nashua” Hon. Daniel Abbot, Hon. Charles H. Atherton, Leonard W. Noyes, Israel Hunt Jr. and John M. Hunt, Charles Gove, Gen. John G. Foster, Gen. Aaron Fletcher Stevens, and countless more rest here under their monuments which are representative of some of the most extraordinary works of carved marble and granite sculpture in America.

We look forward to seeing you for this event!